Rudi, 32

For the next year our main goal would be to build a new house. There is a young man who we know for about 10 years. His name is Rudi, 34. He was raised up in a Romanian orphanage since the age of 2. After he reached the age of 18 he had to leave the orphanage, and he didn’t have where to go. A local charity offered him accommodation, and during the years the charity’s staff encouraged him in many ways to learn and develop his skills.

Rudi is in his mid-thirties, and we know him for almost ten years. He was abandoned by his parents when he was 2, and since then he did not see them anymore. He was
raised up in a State owned orphanage, and he went through all the specific sad
experiences that he doesn’t want to talk about, being embarassed to make them
public. He stays at a farm owned by a charity, where there are housed young men
with similar background as Rudi’s. Over the years he became one of the
most reliable young men of that farm, and now we feel that he can become – almost –



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