Andrea, 2, needs a kidney transplant

Andrea, 2, needs constant medication  because of her very poor kidney health.  Her father works on a daily basis, when he  finds a job. Usually he is asked to do jobs in  construction sites, in the rural areas. He is  getting for his job 6 Sterling Pounds per day, when he has job to do. That is less than the  costs of the medicine that the little girl  needs.  In addition to the health situation, the  severe drought has also affected their lives.  The corn they cropped was too little  quantity, not enough to feed their pig until  Christmas.
In their village, out of 60 wells, just 3  or 4 have water. So the locals needed help  from the Government, who has sent them  lorries of water. And this village is not the  only one. Most of the villages face severe  drought, and the locals barely have water  for the animals – they get the potable water  from the city.  A temporary solution, that could help  the peple for a few years, would be to dig  very deep wells – not with the traditional  tools, but with powerful tools that could
reach very deep depths.
An other solution, not as effective though as  the deep wells, would be to buy the rural  people 1,000 litres tanks, so that they could  collect the rain water, or from the streams –  while they have water. A tank’s price is  about 100 Sterling Pounds.

Coming back to Andrea… Her parents’  home would need serious improvement,  and we would recommend it to all the  teams that would come to Iasi to work. The  home would need an extension of 6 metres  by 5 metres, with real and strong concrete  foundations and brick walls. Their home  now is made of mudbricks – in best case.



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