Christmas gifts, set 3

This was day number 3 of distributing the Christmas gifts and food. In the villages is very cold and icy. I could say that we were quite fortunate of not facing any situation and everything went pretty smoothly. The children were very happy, even though the Christmas was a few days ago – they didn’t…

Christmas gifts, set 2 of pictures

Here are pictures made right before Christmas, in the back of a former Jewish school, where there are two families living in a derelict sort of building. The couple’s child was sleeping,and we did not want to disturb him. The child in the picture has a sister, but she is hospitalized. ~~~~~~

Christmas gifts – December 2012

Thank you for the generosity of all the people with whose helped we managed to bring some warmth in the hearts of the children. More photos will follow, as we manage to fight with the winter! May God bless you all, and have a peaceful Christmas celebration! ~~~