Media coverage about the projects

Regarding the help of a consistent team of 18 students, we have been able to complete a new room for a poor family in the village of Poieni. Dana has been invited to the public national TV station to talk about it. Below is also a  translated article about the project, as it appeared in a major local newspaper. The title of the article is The anonymous heroes of the Queen. The original article can be found here.

18 teenagers from England have chosen to spend their summer holiday in Poieni, Iasi county. They did not relax, but had a noble project, namely to help a poor family with under aged children, whose mother has gone to Italy. They built this family a new room, and also a fence.
In these 14 years since the teams of students from the Ashcombe School come every year to Romania they involve in different projects such as building houses, rooms, drill wells, and hey have also bought animals for the needy families.
For 14 years a team of anonymous heroes come to Iasi, every year. The way they come, he same way they leave – discreetly. They have the best thoughts regarding the needy of Iasi, those who became invisible in the eyes of the local authorities and of the fate. They go back to England having the feeling of victory because of their simple, human acts. These heroes come from a school of Great Britain, and they support a project that has the longest life, together with Fundatia Link Romania Moldavia, an organization founded in 1998. This project has became a tradition, and meantime a bridge between the civilization and philanthropy from the United Kingdom, and he very well known collection of growing needs of ours. Every year a family is chosen that will be helped by the team sent by the Ashcombe School from England.
This team consisting of 16-18 students is led by a teacher called Gill Cammack, and they are coming to Iasi since 2001. “The main goal is to erect a small building, such as a room, an animal barn, chicken coup, pig sty… They have also involved in other projects, such as supporting financially smaller projects, such as house repairs, medical treatments, or drilling wells. This year they have rebuilt a room for a house in Poieni, and they built a fence that has over 40 meters, which will protect the property. The room has become so defective that it was not suitable for living in it, and it was used as a warehouse. The mother has gone to Italy, and she has no intentions for coming back. The father is taking care of the children”, told U.S. Arpad Foszto, the president of the charity. The charity was founded in 1998, and since than they had different projects for the benefit of the locals of Iasi and surrounding villages, such as the renovation of the Children’s Hospital “St. Mary”, the renovation of the hospital in Poieni, and they have also donated houses to families from the villages of Kogalniceanu, Vulturi, Rediu, Erbiceni. They have also built polytunnels, wells, fences, and they also bought horses, chicken, or cows for the needy families.

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