Partaking in the building project

by Jamie Trezise

Returning to Romania with the Ashcombe School has been a delightful experience. One of the things I was particularly looking forward to doing on my return was partaking in the building project, organised by the Fundatia Link Romania Moldavia. This year’s building project was particularly special to me, as we formulated a close bond with the family for whom we were building an extension. The reason for us building an extension to the house was due to a fire caused by one of the younger children being left home alone with matches. It was a privilege and a pleasure to be allowed to build this extension for this very kind and worthy family.

The first day of building had the standard teething problems that are common with a project. We discovered that the foundations were not level, and a lot of time had to be spent making the walls level, so that the house would remain standing! As this was such a crucial part of the construction process, this part was done by people who knew what they were doing, assisted by a few students. As there was not as much to do building wise on this day, a lot of time was spent forming bonds with the family’s children, and other young people from the village. This time was very valuable, as it gave us the opportunity to befriend and learn more about the way that the children live and play in this village.

Returning on day 3, it was clear the other half of the team had made up for lost time. The walls were so high that a makeshift scaffold had been made out of bricks and planks so that the team could reach the top of the wall! Today was also a special day as we appeared on national Romanian television. The main reason this excited me was because it gave us the chance to show Romania what we were doing in their country, and allowed the different charities we were working with to get some recognition, and hopefully some extra support, allowing them to carry on the hard work they are doing. By the end of the third and final day of building, one window was in place, with the door and second window ready to be put in. The roof was being totally redone due to the fire damage, so that was ready to be done in the very near future.


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