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Link Romania Moldovia

Link Romania Moldovia has helped and supported local and rural communities alike for over 15 years with health, education and livelihoods. Our work has transforms the lives of poorer communities and helps transform them with providing basic health care such as medicines and sanitation, basic necessities such as food and warm clean clothing and home building projects with the construction of wells and animal holdings.


By working with groups and teams from abroad and working within the local community we work together to help with all aspects of building and renovating homes and other buildings in the city and rural areas.

Over the past few years Link Romania Moldovia has constructed many houses and is looking for self-funded groups and teams to come and get involved in construction projects in rural parts of Romania as well as in the city. Get your hands dirty and get involved in building houses for poor communities and other development projects. Not only will you have a building adventure but you will have the fantastic opportunity to work and live alongside the community who will benefit from your effort and support whilst you will also learn a lot of new skills and some of the difficulties of living in one of these communities.

As well as the home building project Link Romania also works to construct all aspects of building such as pig sties, chicken coops and wells. Which all invest in the future of local communities as we believe it leads to sustainability.

Yet with such a sheer scale of work, we can’t do it alone. We look for groups and teams to join us, who are behind everything we do.

Our vision and aim is to build one house each year, as well as aiding the local community in other building projects.


We also work with the homeless community in Iasi which are some of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and deprived people in Romania.

Our work and effort helps to turn their lives around and help them to fulfil their full potential. As well as just being homeless many of the homeless community of Iasi also have other difficulties in their lives such as substance or alcohol use such as glue sniffing which can be toxic and can lead to mental health issues which many homeless suffer from.

Many of the homeless that we work with are young adults and most have arrived on the streets from the orphanages who have never been given the opportunity to turn their lives around.

We provides medical and sanitation essentials, such as soaps and cleansers and toothbrushes as well as medication. We also try to set up regular meetings with the homeless to provide food and drinks and a place where they can all gather to chat and have fun.

Poor quality education and high needs can make it hard for them to find a job especially as poverty and desperation means some homeless young people turn to crime. This further decreases the chances of them finding work and escaping their situation. So we work with the homeless to helping them find a job or some sort of work which will be the first step into turning their lives around.

A few years ago Link Romania Moldova had a place where homeless could meet and could socialise and take a shower as cleanliness and sanitation is a major key aspect which we work on. Unfortunately we do not have the funds to run such a place, so are now looking for funding to acquire a new facility in which the homeless could take a shower socialise and hold meeting.

Below are also pictures of the projects we had in the recent years.



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