Building houses

Fundatia Link wants to invest in the long term development and sustainability of deprived communities across rural areas of Romania. The house building project is a remarkable project where voluntary teams work together to construct homes for poverty-stricken families. Throughout rural Romania there are many families living in sub-standard housing without adequate sanitation or harsh weather protection. Link Romania works within the community to construct and to provide a better standard of living and to bring them better sanitation and living conditions.
What we offer
We offer the fantastic opportunity to work alongside the community in constructing homes and other construction projects such as wells, animal holdings, and fencing. You will be able to see the immediate and significant difference you will make to the community. You would stay at Fundatia Link Romania Moldavia Hostel.
The Project costs £250 per person for 1 week including local transport, accommodation, food and building materials, for teams consisting of at least 4 persons.
Accommodation works out at £15 a day for a single bedroom with showers and toilettes close by. A meal will be provided each evening working out at £20 for 8 person team.
Flights from London Heathrow to Iasi international airport. (Flights not included in this price)



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