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A new extension, in the back, but in the front there will be one, too. Before:   After:   We are grateful for the support of Aschcombe School, UK. Advertisements

Partaking in the building project

by Jamie Trezise Returning to Romania with the Ashcombe School has been a delightful experience. One of the things I was particularly looking forward to doing on my return was partaking in the building project, organised by the Fundatia Link Romania Moldavia. This year’s building project was particularly special to me, as we formulated a…

My Work in Romania, by Roger Wakeford

I first visited Romania in 2001 as a school teacher assisting with a group of 6th form pupils from the school where I worked.  I came because the teacher leading the party wanted someone with craft skills (I was a Design Technology teacher), but I then knew little about the country.  However, afterwards I was…

My time working with Fundatia Link Romania Moldavia

Written by Livvy Bathe, a 22 year old university graduate from England. Five years ago, as a student at The Ashcombe School in Surrey, England, I was fortunate enough to take part in a nine-day trip to the city of Iasi, Romania, working with the charity Fundatia Link Romania Moldavia, run by Arpad (Arpi) Foszto…

The meadow with a fortress.

Attached are some pictures of a family that lives at about an hour from our city, in a village, a really remote one. It has an interesting name, translated sounds like:the meadow with a fortress.   Unfortunately it is nothing like that.  4 children> a daughter, 16, a boy, 9, an other boy, 5, and…

The Queen’s Heroes

We have done a new room, and a fence that probably exceeds 60 metres, in the village of Poieni. The pictures from below are showing the preparation work.

Newslink August 2015

You can read our latest (as to this date) newsletter here: Newslink August 2015

The house of 2014

The house of 2014 – bringing the bricks (blocks), and actually building it with teenagers from Reading, England.