Shoeboxes 2016

Here is a short video of the 5 days of distributing shoeboxes. Thank you to all that contributed with time, efforts and funds for making this project happen! Advertisements

Newslink August 2015

You can read our latest (as to this date) newsletter here: Newslink August 2015

Shoeboxes 2013, set B of pictures

We have delivered shoboxes to an orphanage, and also to homeless or poor children. We were not allowed to make photos in the orphanage, so we can’t post anything related to that. We also gave food to the homeless and the poor. A video will follow soon.

Andrea, December 2013

We delivered food, clothes, toys, and a shoebox to Andrea. There is now a yearsince we know Andrea and her family.

Shoeboxes 2013

~~~ Pictures of the children receiving shoeboxes in December 2013. More pictures and video coming the next week. We are thankful for all of those who worked hard to make this project happen! ~~~

Christmas gifts, set 4

2 weeks later, but still in the holiday season 🙂 Thankfully for all of you who involved in this beautiful project 🙂