Shoeboxes 2016

Here is a short video of the 5 days of distributing shoeboxes. Thank you to all that contributed with time, efforts and funds for making this project happen! Advertisements

Catalin & Isaura’s wedding

A Greek-Orthodox Christian group has kindly organized the wedding of these two, who we helped a lot during the years. See excerpts from the video here.

The Balica family

The Balica family is struggling with different health issues. Your help would be highly appreciated! See the video here! (Romanian)

Andrea, 2, needs a kidney transplant

NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY MEDICINE Andrea, 2, needs constant medication  because of her very poor kidney health.  Her father works on a daily basis, when he  finds a job. Usually he is asked to do jobs in  construction sites, in the rural areas. He is  getting for his job 6 Sterling Pounds per day, when…

Rudi, 32

For the next year our main goal would be to build a new house. There is a young man who we know for about 10 years. His name is Rudi, 34. He was raised up in a Romanian orphanage since the age of 2. After he reached the age of 18 he had to leave…

Working with children

Below are some footages taken in the summer of 2011 during the visit of the Soapbox team: Footage 1 Footage 2 Footage 3 ~~~