We are grateful to all of the people who supported our projects with the poor. Below are a very few pictures of what we have achieved in the past years.

A camp with Roma and other children involved in our projects:


A picture of a house that we built. At the right hand side of it is the family’s old house. We have also built them a fence around their property, a well, and a green house to grow their own food (click for a bigger picture).


Below is an other example of the old house of a single mother, and the new house that was funded by us (the old house has been demolished):


We bought for many years wood for fire, as this would be a big expense for a poor family. Below are pictures taken with a family from Erbiceni, at 25 kilometres from Iasi. We used to have in that village a kindergarten, and some of the pictures are taken there, on our property.


We have built houses, wells, polytunnels, helped paying for connecting to the electricity system, chicken coups and pigsties, distributed food parcels:



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