Roma community

Fundatia Link Romania Moldavia has been established in working with Roma people for the past 10 years running projects with the vision to change the lives of Roma living in poverty. The projects run not only benefit individuals but work in the larger community to bring long term development work which is sustainable to supporting new generations.

 With the much appreciated support of British charities and groups we have had an established center working within the Roma community offering many projects such as computer courses, bible studies, pre-school center and camps. Through our work with these projects we can offer a more enlightening and fulfilling life with the aim of education and enjoyment.
As well as our work with individuals and Roma children we also run projects within the community such as our home building projects, which can offer great support and sustainability. Fundatia Link Romania Moldavia has constructed many houses in the past with the help of amazing and awe-inspiring groups as well as the contraction of wells, animal holdings and fencing.
Our vision for the future is simple. Its to create more long-term sustainable work within the community and we are looking for hardworking, dedicated and motivated groups to work alongside the community in home building projects, running groups, child support and other community projects alike.
The homes we construct are simple yet practical and durable and also cost next to nothing, which is why with the support of groups and charities we can make a large impact on the community in changing lives and giving the Roma a chance to live up to their full potential.



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